Last Day- Reflections


As I have readied myself over the last few months for this walk across America, I’ve been so blessed to be surrounded by an army of loved ones. I truly could not have prepared for this incredible journey on my own…I would have been lost. So many people have reached out, offered services, assistance, advice, time and love…it’s been absolutely breathtaking. What a beautiful thing to know that I’m never alone!

All this support really reflected on my goal in trying to help others, in hoping to let someone else never feel alone in their battles with eating disorders. What a full circle we live in…how connected we all are as human beings. Life is amazingly beautiful!

Today is my last day at home before I fly out, first to Chicago tomorrow, then to Philadelphia on Sunday where I will begin my 2,613 mile walk. I believe that my efforts have been recognized by all of you…my supporters, my cheerleaders, my loved ones, those that I walk for…I don’t even have words for the extent of my gratitude.

After struggling with my own eating disorder demons for 10 years, my goal is to fill my recovery in helping others. Treatment can be obtained, but sometimes a bit of help is required. So let’s stand united and lift each other to wellness and wholeness.

Thank you for your support, your words of encouragement, your messages, your comments, your donations, your love! 2,613 miles, here I come!

Please donate today:
100% of the funds raised will be given to the Eating Disorder Recovery Support, a California-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting community awareness of eating disorders, professional education and collaboration, and providing treatment scholarships to individuals that need financial assistance for treatment.

Just a few of my loved ones, supporters….some freakin incredible people!















About raelawrence

After struggling with an Eating Disorder for 10 years, I have found that part of my recovery is helping other people. Sharing my story of recovery in hopes of helping at least one person is so important to me. My goal is to reduce the stigma surrounding Eating Disorders and other mental health illnesses. When we feel shamed and embarrassed and feel we can't talk about what we're struggling with, it only leads to more sickness. Talk! Tell your story! Share your successes! Help the person next to you! Let's change the world together!

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