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Starting on July 21st and taking an estimated 94 days, I plan to cover 2,613 miles as I make my journey across the United States. Eating disorders are emotional battles fought by approximately 11 million Americans (Eating Disorders Coalition, 2012). This is a battle I’ve known and have fought with personally for all of my adult life. Part of my recovery is understanding that I am here to help others, to be an inspiration, to show that happiness is possible. So here I go!

For me, this journey will present physical discomfort (walking for 3+ months…there’s bound to be some challenges!). My goal is to turn a bit of physical discomfort into others’ emotional healing, to use my healthy and strong body in uniting people for a common good, to stand as a witness that recovery is possible. Please follow me on my trip (and don’t forget to donate!)! I’ll be checking in on Facebook and blogging daily…you don’t want to miss any of the adventures! My route will start at the Philadelphia International Airport. From there I will walk across our nation through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho…and finally ending up back home in Richland, Washington. Whew!

Thank you so much for your love and support! Let’s help make the world a little better together! Please lend a hand in someone else’s path to wellness and donate now:


About raelawrence

After struggling with an Eating Disorder for 10 years, I have found that part of my recovery is helping other people. Sharing my story of recovery in hopes of helping at least one person is so important to me. My goal is to reduce the stigma surrounding Eating Disorders and other mental health illnesses. When we feel shamed and embarrassed and feel we can't talk about what we're struggling with, it only leads to more sickness. Talk! Tell your story! Share your successes! Help the person next to you! Let's change the world together!

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